Adobe After Effects CS5.5 ScriptUI Bug

So it seems that ScriptUI Panels don’t receive layout events, under the 64-bit Windows version of CS5.5. A forum post I ran across has a few other people with this issue, and they report it affects After Effects, and Photoshop also. I was able to work around it a little, by calling the PanelObject.layout.layout() function. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help with resize events, but it’s better than manually typing in coordinates for controls.


CyberJocks Adult Swim Commercial

We threw this together a long time ago for local advertising on Adult Swim. It’s ok, not our best stuff, but we were pinched for time. This was well before we got our video cameras, so all we had to work with were a ton of stills and some game footage. I hate the way appears over the video. I love the motion titles at the end. And of course, we had to throw in Leroy Jenkins 😉


CJTV Outro

[flashvideo file= image= /]

Here we have a quick motion graphics outro made for CyberJocks TV.


Shark HD Background

[flashvideo file= image= /]

I created this HD background loop for use behind some chroma-key video for CyberJocks TV. Our sponsor was Shark Energy Drink, so I put in their logo and a subtle shadow of it that moves with the light streaming through the surface of the water. This added a dynamic feel to the clip, without being too distracting like so many backgrounds you can find in clip libraries.