Niagara Lubricants Fire in Buffalo, NY

On Chandler Street, in Buffalo NY, on July 13th 2011, a three-story building full of industrial grease caught on fire around 5:00am – and burned all day and well into the night. There was little the Buffalo Fire Department could do to put it out, so they focused on containment and keeping the neighborhood safe. These are a few photos, taken after the fire had blazed all day for eighteen hours. They had finally gotten it under control, and were keeping it cooled while the remainder burnt out.

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Check out the photo gallery on the Buffalo News website also.


Lightning Storm over Buffalo, NY

Awesome thunderstorm over Buffalo, NY tonight. I saw some of the brightest lightning I’ve seen in quite some time, with some serious groundstrikes. This stuff was loud enough that people were sending me messages along the lines of “HOLY SHIT DID YOU HEAR THAT?!” Flash! BANG! Cue car alarms and fire trucks. Oh how I love a good storm!

So, I did what any sane person would do: grabbed my camera, and stood out in the storm to chase the lightning’s tail! Luckily the lightning didn’t kiss me tonight… maybe next time 😉

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