Cleric BTS Pictures – Day 3

More behind-the-scenes photos from day three of the film shoot for Cleric.

And who has the most kick-ass electrical department? This is epic gaffing right here, folks. It was so far from the upper floors to the generator that I had to take five photos and stitch em together! (would have been a better stitch but I wasn’t using a proper pano head) See that tiny blueish speck on the lower right? That’s a large generator. I hope Rick Arena wasn’t suffering from vertigo as he got that cable up.

[singlepic id=53 w=450]

Massive fun today filming hot-like-sparks Seregon O’Dassey (as Samara) battle with the brilliantly twisted Sean-Michael Argo (playing Jah), going at each other’s throats in uber-silky slow-motion, trading plasma bolts back and forth in time, and blasting away with terrifying psychic attacks. Bob Bozek threw some insane acting into the lens as the Rat Shaman, with a spot-on mix of creepy and hilarious. Day three of chaos after the jump: