Novena Laptop Assembly Timelapse Video

Recently assembled my shiny new Novena laptop, and decided to make a time-lapse video of the assembly process. Shot in 4k on RED – because one awesome tech deserves another!

In the video, you’ll see that I use threadlocker everywhere. I’m a big fan of the stuff, and in my opinion so very many of the so-called maker projects and kits out there should be recommending it. Especially the ones full of stepper motors and other vibrating bits, that are made of wood or acrylic, which prevents you from pre-tensioning the bolts correctly because you’ll crush or crack the chassis.

I also spill superglue all over my hands, when a tube decides to goosh out everywhere. (was securing one of the peek array threaded inserts, that pulled out while trying to install a speaker) That was fun, trying to not touch anything for a few minutes until it dried, and then going at it with acetone… I do not recommend gooshing superglue all over your hands. Avoid.

Very excited to dive into this phenomenal hardware hacking platform. Thanks, bunnie and xobs!