Cleric BTS Pictures – Day 8

More behind-the-scenes photos from day eight of the film shoot for Cleric.

Sometimes, you need someone to take care of problems. To handle… messy situations. Enter the Cleaners. Highly trained, well-paid, these company men and women are the elite guard for the Ministry of Control. But today it seems they’ve run into a mess they didn’t quite expect. After that, another cleric named Gia faces Jah head-to-head with flying steel, bending her mind toward dispatching him. If you only knew what was between Samara and Gia – the battle would stop your heart.

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Day eight will leap out from behind a wall and shove a shiv through your chest after the jump:



Cleric Photos – Day 7

More behind-the-scenes photos from day seven of the film shoot for Cleric.

Fast-paced day on the set today, with a run-and-gun feel to it. Everyone was on point, with Katy Saul working overtime as makup and AD, keeping us moving against a ticking clock. Three cameras rolling at all times, with Mike Piech rocking camera C like a pro, banging out scenes like the world is ending… and for some of our characters, it did. Twists and turns take their toll, showing us that not all is as it seems in this strange and fantastical world. Everyone played muliple duties today, with Rick Arena and Travis Kiefer wrangling lights and cables at warp speed. I was juggling a camera, continuity dust-wrangling wrag, tooth decay, blood jugs, effects shot setups, and tons more all day. Everyone performed spectacularly. Time for some well-earned R&R!

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Careful, day seven might chop off a limb after the jump:



Cleric BTS Pictures – Day 5

More behind-the-scenes photos from day five of the film shoot for Cleric.

Day five, and the Red One bore witness to the juiced-up fist of a howler nearly taking out Samara, cracking her shield in the process. A searing post-nuclear sun, unfiltered by a long-poisoned atmosphere, beat upon our heroine as she herded the Rat Shaman across the wastes. More scumbags were dispatched on the trip into the Below, and a chainsaw-weilding giant ended the Rat in a blaze of gory. We’re talking chunky, people. I can’t believe I just typed blaze of gory.

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All the CGI and visual effects work take some serious horsepower to process. Here’s some of the renderfarm that I’ll be using to crank out frames in post-production:

[singlepic id=136 w=450]

Day five awaits after the jump:



Cleric BTS Pictures – Day 4

More behind-the-scenes photos from day four of the film shoot for Cleric.

Today was one sizzling day on the shoot, with a spell-binding battle of blade and blaze! Crystal the fire-eater blew up the set while her friend Shay kept a watchful eye on the mayhem. (a thousand apologies if I spelled your names wrong, ladies, let me know!) Seregon braved screaming fireballs whipping blindingly fast past her face, putting her life in Crystal’s expert hands. Thankfully Katy Saul’s whimsical fire-eater makup didn’t melt and blind Crystal; Seregon is hot enough without being lit on fire! The acrid stench of burning hydrocarbons was a treat that took me back to my childhood (no comment). We did have one casualty of the inferno – audio maestro Marco’s windscreen caught the tail of a fireball and has the scars to prove it! And wait till you hear the fire’s voice… Oh my god.

[singlepic id=122 w=450]

More beautiful set dressing from Mark and Travis. Those guys can really dig some gold out of the ground when needed; they’ve got an eye for details and know what works. Mark has also done a fine job keeping us all well-fed, hunting and gathering some local treats that have gone over quite well. Lots of green screen shots today, too. Day four lurks after the jump:



Cleric BTS Pictures – Day 3

More behind-the-scenes photos from day three of the film shoot for Cleric.

And who has the most kick-ass electrical department? This is epic gaffing right here, folks. It was so far from the upper floors to the generator that I had to take five photos and stitch em together! (would have been a better stitch but I wasn’t using a proper pano head) See that tiny blueish speck on the lower right? That’s a large generator. I hope Rick Arena wasn’t suffering from vertigo as he got that cable up.

[singlepic id=53 w=450]

Massive fun today filming hot-like-sparks Seregon O’Dassey (as Samara) battle with the brilliantly twisted Sean-Michael Argo (playing Jah), going at each other’s throats in uber-silky slow-motion, trading plasma bolts back and forth in time, and blasting away with terrifying psychic attacks. Bob Bozek threw some insane acting into the lens as the Rat Shaman, with a spot-on mix of creepy and hilarious. Day three of chaos after the jump: