Aaron is a passionate technologist, creative hacker, and experienced entrepreneur. He has built and scaled both businesses and systems alike, his startups spanning tech, media, and gaming industries. Over more than 20 years Aaron has designed and deployed authentication systems, distributed infrastructure, realtime video search platforms, and large-scale mobile messaging systems. His recent projects include embedded development, security research, and content creation for the IoT/M2M space. You’ll find him hacking hardware, software, people, and organizations for great good and good fun. Aaron is now working to build our future, a nexus of hardware, software, AI, and robotics.

Previously Aaron directed the DevOps team and SaaS/PaaS/IaaS cloud architecture initiatives at Critical Mention. There, he expanded a globally-distributed business intelligence platform with comprehensive ingest and search of all cable, terrestrial, and satellite broadcast media, by launching new datacenter infrastructure across Europe that opened a new continent of business opportunities.

Before Critical Mention, Aaron built Synacor’s award-winning Cloud Identity Management and Single Sign-On (SSO) platform. He integrated strategic MVPDs, telcos, and content owners including Sony, HBO and the Olympics (NBC), and hardened the platform against known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Prior to that, Aaron and his partners built a series of technology, medical billing, and media startups in New York, Florida, and Texas, including CyberJocks, a world-leading LAN Game Center chain.

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