Lip Service Fetish Aristocracy

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Bea, left, and Meagan.

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Bea lounging on the lawn.

This set is from a photo shoot for a Lip Service webzine article. I first met Bea at the Auxiliary Magazine release party, where there was a Lip Service fashion show. We took some closeups for a makeup tutorial, and then went for a drive to find a good location for the fashion shots. The first stop was at the waterfront, which would have looked much better around sunset. Plus, it was too windy, and the models were too squinty in the bright sunlight. We ended up heading to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, which offered quite a nice compliment to the mood of the clothing. Thanks to the direct sun (ick), I used a good bit of fill-flash, and it was a challenge to balance the light levels and contrast. There are a few images that I’m very happy with, shown above, and a bunch of other good ones which you can see after the jump, below.

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