Isoscelation and Friends

Fresh from the studio I bring you three twisted ambient soundscapes for a dark film.

Nine and a half minutes of psychotic ambient soundscape, crafted with a ghoul’s hammer in the forges of hell – or, at least, crafted by my hands with vintage synthesizers. Richard D. James would approve, I hope, and his fans will appreciate this subtly disturbing trip through a quiet alien landscape. It will make a fine backdrop to broken imagery. Please note: a subwoofer or good headphones are required to listen – it’s 90% sub-bass and you won’t hear much at all on, say, laptop speakers. This track is entitled “Isoscelation”.

[ – isoscelation.mp3]

When you are exploring forbidden ruins on another plane, you cannot expect anything other than bizarre and terrifying bumps in the night. From the other room that you thought you saw, maybe just down the hall, beyond something that shouldn’t be there, it moves. Pray it didn’t smell you. This track is entitled “Mechanical Chair”.

[ – mechanical chair.mp3]

You are the only one left. You did not escape unscathed. You left your friends behind, and hope for nothing more to forget them forever. Something has to play at your funeral. This track is entitled “A Long Sleep”.

[ – a long sleep.mp3]

No, there is no sanity.


Aaron K.

Aaron Kondziela is a technologist and serial entrepreneur living in New York City.


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