Auxiliary Magazine & Lip Service Party

Auxiliary Magazine hosted a release party for their new issue, and Lip Service showed up with a fashion show. Fantastic clothing designs, beautiful models, amazing music! Below you’ll find some of my pictures.

This was a challenging shoot due to low light, even lower than a typical fashion show, because it was at a nightclub. I came prepared for that, with a flash cable, gels, etc – my evil plan was to bounce the flash off whatever ceiling/wall/whatever was nearby to get a soft light on the models, and hopefully see a faster shutter. Well, my hopes and CTO-corrected photons were thoroughly dashed upon the black-painted ceiling – black is not very reflective! The walls weren’t much better. I tried using everything around me in some test shots before the show, but damned if I could get enough light reflecting to make a difference or produce an amazing image. The mirrored wall worked, but a mirror doesn’t diffuse light and it looked like crap.

I went on-camera with the flash, which I hate to do, but it was the only way left to me at the time to get any pictures at all. The models were moving quickly, from one sexy pose to the next, so a slow shutter in low light will not work! Shot everything in RAW because the lighting was very inconsistent along the length of the runway, and everything moved so fast there’s no time to adjust for perfection on the spot. Of course due to the same reasons, I couldn’t batch all the RAW files, and had to sit there for two hours adjusting each one by hand. Keep that in mind if you shoot RAW! Consistency equals batching. Batching yeilds free time. Evolution through obedience. Oh, wait, that’s something else…

If you were involved in the show and would like to use these photos, you are welcome to, just email me and I can get you what you need!

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Aaron K.

Aaron Kondziela is a technologist and serial entrepreneur living in New York City.


3 thoughts on “Auxiliary Magazine & Lip Service Party

  1. Love the fashion show pictures! Very professional. Especially taken with the one of the black halter dress – amazing composition with the highlighted shadow behind her. Great work. All zines should be so lucky to have you avaliable… or on staff!

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