Cleric BTS Pictures – Day 5

More behind-the-scenes photos from day five of the film shoot for Cleric.

Day five, and the Red One bore witness to the juiced-up fist of a howler nearly taking out Samara, cracking her shield in the process. A searing post-nuclear sun, unfiltered by a long-poisoned atmosphere, beat upon our heroine as she herded the Rat Shaman across the wastes. More scumbags were dispatched on the trip into the Below, and a chainsaw-weilding giant ended the Rat in a blaze of gory. We’re talking chunky, people. I can’t believe I just typed blaze of gory.

All the CGI and visual effects work take some serious horsepower to process. Here’s some of the renderfarm that I’ll be using to crank out frames in post-production:

Day five awaits after the jump:


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