Cleric BTS Pictures – Day 4

More behind-the-scenes photos from day four of the film shoot for Cleric.

Today was one sizzling day on the shoot, with a spell-binding battle of blade and blaze! Crystal the fire-eater blew up the set while her friend Shay kept a watchful eye on the mayhem. (a thousand apologies if I spelled your names wrong, ladies, let me know!) Seregon braved screaming fireballs whipping blindingly fast past her face, putting her life in Crystal’s expert hands. Thankfully Katy Saul’s whimsical fire-eater makup didn’t melt and blind Crystal; Seregon is hot enough without being lit on fire! The acrid stench of burning hydrocarbons was a treat that took me back to my childhood (no comment). We did have one casualty of the inferno – audio maestro Marco’s windscreen caught the tail of a fireball and has the scars to prove it! And wait till you hear the fire’s voice… Oh my god.

More beautiful set dressing from Mark and Travis. Those guys can really dig some gold out of the ground when needed; they’ve got an eye for details and know what works. Mark has also done a fine job keeping us all well-fed, hunting and gathering some local treats that have gone over quite well. Lots of green screen shots today, too. Day four lurks after the jump:


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