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How to Transfer your OTR Private Key Between Hosts

OTR is a good protocol for encrypted chat. I use it often, but have always wondered how to transfer my OTR private keys between computers and devices. Up until now, every machine would have a separately-generated key, and I’d have

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Novena Laptop Linux Samsung 840 EVO Hard Drive Temperature Sensor Fix

The Novena laptop’s Linux build doesn’t support the Samsung 840 EVO hard drive that it ships with. While this isn’t a problem specific to the Novena by any means, it will affect the users. It’s a simple fix, just edit

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Novena Laptop Thermal Imaging

I’ve been wondering how much heat the CPU on the Novena puts out, and if the tiny heatsink (no fan) is sufficient to cool it. After letting the machine sit idle for an hour or so, running X with a

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Novena Laptop Assembly Timelapse Video

Recently assembled my shiny new Novena laptop, and decided to make a time-lapse video of the assembly process. Shot in 4k on RED – because one awesome tech deserves another! In the video, you’ll see that I use threadlocker everywhere.

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Sending a Serial Break to a Cisco on Mac OSX

Ever need to reset the enable password of your Cisco router? One of the ways to do it involves sending a Break over the serial console line during boot. However! If you don’t have a good old-fashioned 100% genuine built-in

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