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Reframe for Simplicity

Your goal should be to redefine the problem until it obviates the need to produce a solution. Simple and elegant solutions will result. This does not mean that the problem will go away, although sometimes it does, simply by reframing

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Installing Total Annihilation

Here’s how you get THE BESTEST TA SETUP EVAR (srsly it’s good) This is easy. The directions are detailed. Downloading Go buy TA downloadable edition from GOG Games, it’s 6 bucks:¬† Download the two files marked 1 and 2 here

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Metric, Please

Can we all just start regularly using metric units, please?

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pg_dump and pg_restore are Slow? Try this.

A friend was trying to import about 300K rows that were dumped with pg_dump. Trouble was, it would barf saying “Invalid Command \N” and never work. The attempted work-around involved telling pg_dump to use discrete INSERT statements per row, but

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How to Manually Migrate an Instance in OpenStack

I recently had to work with a relatively large OpenStack deployment running the older Folsom release. I needed to move over thirty instances to enhance the performance and stability of the system. In this deployment, local disks store the instance

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